About CLIC

CLIC provides you with an opportunity to connect and click with a French high school student via video conference. Just book a time slot and we’ll pair you with a French Clicker for a friendly chat. .

Born out of this time of social isolation, CLIC is the perfect way to help you meet friends, experience another culture and practice your language skills, all with a great mentor – one of our CLIC Experts – by your side.

Our Team

Pierrick Hubert
Content Creator

Pierrick has taught French in Melbourne for over ten years, since moving to Australia in 2008, to pursue a career in education. In Paris, where he grew up, he studied at the Sorbonne and then worked as a journalist for Canal +. Pierrick is a passionate and dynamic educator. He is fascinated about the pedagogy of second language acquisition and loves teaching French. Pierrick teaches in a Melbourne high school, he delivers engaging lessons that employ all the tips and tricks to engage students in their love of learning French. C’est la vie ! He seeks to improve his teaching practice by engaging with other educators and collaborating with his teaching peers across Victoria, his home state. He is inspired by his students, and he ensures his lessons are engaging and cater to all learners. Pierrick has a popular YouTube channel for VCE students, that he creates all the content for. He contributes to the writing of school textbooks and delivers professional development to teachers. Pierrick has played an integral role in the development of the ‘clic’ program, by helping create the content and training other educators how to facilitate and use the program.